Humaneness cannot be frozen in a definition or a legal law.

It is not a matrix to be imposed on everyone and judged by whether or not it fits their “righteousness”.

Thought of in this way, humaneness would soon become its opposite – the Procrustean bed, and would lead to greater troubles than before attempts to be defined.

On the contrary, humaneness is something subtle and fragile that is born with each morning we wake up and which we must take care not to perish in the whirlwind of the day.

If we preserve this indefinable, elusive and fragile thing until the evening, then we have been alive that day…and we have been humans.

We keep asking ourselves about the meaning of life.

Let me also say something about this.

Meaning of life is not something that exists somewhere out there, beyond us, waiting for us to reach it.

No, the meaning of life is the very effort of making life meaningful.

Julia Stankova,
Summer of 2022