I can’t just sit and paint Angels.
To paint Them, I need to know something about Them.
One of the few things I know for sure is that Angels exist.
They are the living bridge between Heaven and Earth.
They are God’s messengers.
They keep watch over us from the cradle to our physical death.
They watch but They do not interfere in the drama of our lives.
They intervene only in the last resort.
It is not we who judge the gravity of the case, but They.
Suffering is the measure.
Angels have no wings.
Neither bodies.
I endow Them with bodies and wings to make Them visible.
But mostly I give Them faces.
They don’t need my painted faces to look through them at me.
Rather I need through painting to cast a glance to Them.
If I am lucky, our eyes are crossing for a second – an extraordinary second filled with sense.
And Hope.
A brief moment that is always remembered.

Julia Stankova,
December 2021